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Follow through

on August 24, 2012

Another important reminder for myself and fellow parents out there: Follow through.

Everytime you set a task or put forth a threat (e.g. If you do not do as I ask, you will not get your TV privilege back). There are many times when we say things to our children, either to seek coorperation or elicit good behaviour; we fail to achieve the outcome we want. Reason? Simple – We do not follow through. As adults, time flies, there are so many things that require our attention at various points of the day. Therefore, we often make comments but never really put in the effort to make sure it was carried out.

And the message that we send out to the children? We are essentially telling them this: ‘mum/dad will always say certain things, but there is a high chance that they will forget and it will all blow over’. Are we all guilty of it? Of course we are! Or sometimes, it is just easier to not follow through, because that takes time and effort. And trust me, the children knows when to ask for things. When you are busy on the phone or distracted. They will sneak in and pester you til you give in.

Try this out, do your best to follow through the next time you make a comment. You only need to do it a few times consistently and they will get the picture (which will last for a couple of weeks) and they will try their luck again. It is important for children to learn that in the real world, people will follow through with their threats (e.g. Bosses). It is better for them to learn this at home first.  And they will also gain respect for their parents because they know that they will do what they said they will. Teach them the importance of keeping their word. If you say that you will do it, then you will. Words are only empty noises if there are no action to accompany them. And it will take considerable effort on your part but you will be imparting to your children the importance of maintaining the integrity of their words. It is a very important value to possess, unfortunately not practiced very often. Start now, make your every word count!

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