How do you want to live your life?

My Attitude towards life….

on August 26, 2012

This was a piece of wisdom that I picked up from a yoga workshop yesterday. Don’t worry, I am no tree hugger. I just look out for inspiration in different places. This was mentioned in context to attempting inverted poses during yoga practice (e.g. headstands…), but I thought it was really applicable with regards to life as well.

“Life should be lived with patience, confidence, humility, lightness, and a  sense of humour” – Christine Blackwell

Like I mentioned before, the above quote was used in context to yoga so I have changed the word to life instead. Have a think about this and be honest with your answer. Isn’t it all so true. If we could only remember any of these, we would have made our lives so much easier! How often do we do things because:

(1) we have something to prove?

(2) we are afraid of what others might think?

(3) we are concerned about ruining other people’s impression of us?

And the list goes on…. But you know what? The truth is, other people don’t care! We think they do, but really they don’t!! This is such an important message that I feel the need to emphasis it whenever I have the opportunity!

Good news is: We can all practice patience, confidence, humility, lightness and humour. We just need to harness a teensy bit of mindfulness. By constantly reminding ourselves that these are the principles that we hope to live by. Things do not just happen because we say so, it is about creating a habit and before you know it, you are already well on the way!

Apply it like this: It takes time to create mindful awareness, so do be patient with yourself; but be confident that you will eventually get there; handle your obstacles with humility; face your barriers with lightheartedness; and lastly, learn to laugh at yourself, you will find that it makes the journey much enjoyable!


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