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About Injustice

on August 31, 2012

“Do not allow injustice become an acceptable way of life” – Karen Foote

Among the many values and skills that we hope to impart to our children, I personally feel that one of the more important one is the way one faces injustice. Teach them that it is okay to stand up for what you believe in, and to do the right thing; stand by them as they committ to their believe. Nothing is more empowering than to have the courage to stand and speak up for your belief. I find this utterly lacking in today’s society. We want to raise a nation of leaders but yet we refuse them the room to speak up for themselves.

I understand and fully appreciate the difficulties involved, however, it is such an important part of growing up and maintaining one’s self-esteem. If you are wronged and you choose to swallow the injustice; you are giving out 2 messages. To others, you are saying: I do not value who I am, I have no self-esteem, and I have no mind of my own. To yourself, you are saying: I do not love me enough to fight for me, I am worthless.

Do not teach your child that it is okay and acceptable to be a doormat. Love them enough to empower them with the ability to fight for themselves. It is never too early to start, the seed of self worth you sow today will blossom into a thriving tree of life that is deeply rooted in self-confidence, integrity and personal strength.

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