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I still believe

on September 19, 2012

I was just thinking about the stages people go through as they grow up; and I wondered to myself, at which point did we lose the ability to believe in possibilities? I am not ashamed to say that I am a huge fan of Korean dramas (I only watch romantic comedies). And needless to say, I have friends who tell me that it is an absolute waste of time watching these shows. It is so unrealistic…stuff like that does not happen…blah blah blah.

True to the point, stuff like that does not happen everyday and it does not happen to everyone, but does it happen? Most definitely!! Does Kate Middleton know that one day she was going to marry a prince?? I guess not! See, it can happen!

I know that bills and responsibilities can eat away at dreams, but what is the harm? Lots of great inventions and ideas came from one person’s ability to hope and believe. There is definitely undeniable power in hope! When you lose the ability to see a life full of hope and unknown possible wonders. You subject yourself to only see the shackles that tie you to this earth til the day you die. You know what the best part is? You get to choose. Yep! You can choose to immerse yourself in dreams and hope!

When you watch children at play; they do not need fancy gadgets. They already have the best toy ever! Their imagination! And with that, they make it all happen. We lose all that as we grow up because we learn very quickly that the world is not as simple or as nice as we think it is. Some of us are still able to hold on to, maybe 20% of what we could do when we were younger. But unfortunately, many of us give it up in the name of maturity and adulthood. And how does that serve us? Nothing! All we can see are bills, duties, and dead ends. I am a responsible person when the occassion calls for it. But that does not mean that I cannot believe and hope.

People equate believe and hope with maturity and responsibility. One cannot co-exsit with the other. I am saying; yes it can. Get out of your box and you will realise that the box you thought you were in, may be round instead. The whole time you were looking at someone else’s square box and assume that all boxes are made the same. People around you may be very pragmatic, but you are not them. You don’t have to live and think in the same manner.

Having said all that I have; I must also concede that this type of thinking may not suit everyone. It is because I believe that’s why everything is possible. A humble suggestion, just try; not too hard; “try easy” as my yoga teacher Christine would say. Yield to it and it will happen. A little bit at a time. Let the rainbow in first because we all know that rainbows can be observed with the naked eye. It is real so you don’t have to struggle with that concept too much. And one day, you might just have a glimpse of that unicorn.

Open your heart to a world of possibilities and hope today!


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