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The Secret

on September 20, 2012

Today’s post was inspired by Ms Oprah Winfrey – “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal; you can get there if you are willing to work hard.”

Seems simple and easy enough to understand, right? Unfortunately, we hear such simple wisdom but fail to act upon it. One of the most common reason why people fail to achieve their goals is that they could not persist long enough. If you have ever read biographies of successful people, one of the hallmark of their success is their willingness to push through hard times and hold out til the end.

There is also the saying; “You can achieve anything if you want it bad enough.” Same idea, presented slightly differently. Now take a minute to reflect on the last time you failed to achieve your goal, and what was your reason for failing? Was it because you gave up too soon? Was it because you did not expect to face so much resistence? I mean seriously; if it was easy, everyone would be successful!

It takes hard work and dedication to reach the end goal. This principle applies to everything that we do. Say, you embark on a new diet but gave up 3 weeks later because: 1) It was too hard, 2) You got discouraged because you have yet to see much results. I remember a gym instructor’s wisdom on this topic. I just had my baby and was trying to lose the baby fat. Her advice to me was: “It took you 10 months to put all these weight on, at least give yourself 10 months before you quit and say you can’t do it.” Isn’t it true? But we are mere humans. We are often unable to see pass the present into the future. And one of our greatest flaw is impatience. We want things to happen and we want it to happen now!!!

In the case of dieting; we do our part by managing food and exercise; but things will only begin to happen when the body is ready. That we cannot really control. As for other matters that involve other people; timing, opportunity, and luck all play a very important part. So, you ask me this: Luck plays an important part in my success, so how do I harness it?” Easy I say, be prepared, continue to be diligent and hold your fort. Refuse to back down because you really believe and want to reach your goal. So that one day when the opportunity presents itself, you are ready to take on the challenge. Rather than the person who is not prepared; he may be luckier than you and got the chance earlier but if he is unable to meet the challenge, that opportunity will be taken from him eventually.

So, if you really want to be someone or do something; be prepared to work hard (I mean be really prepared). You will achieve what you set your heart on. I am proof of it. I have always wanted to pursue a higher education in Psychology. Unfortunately, in my younger years, my family could not afford for me to study. I started work really young. After I got married and moved to Australia, I took some modules through OUA doing correspondence. I only managed to complete 4 modules because I had to care for 2 young children. Luckily for me, we moved back to Singapore where we can afford live-in help so that I can complete my degree. So, from the start of the first module til completion, it took me almost 6 years. But I got there. This last bit of self disclosure was to encourage those who are thinking of pursuing their passion. When there is a will, you will always find a way. The key is to not give up, and remember that it is not supposed to be easy.


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