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Support their dreams

on September 22, 2012

The message behind today’s post is simple: Support your children’s dreams and projects. Many parents often feel that it is their duty to present different perspectives to their children so as to soften the “blow” in the event that they fail. True for some matters; but in my humble opinion, not in the case of their dreams. You may call me the eternal optimist, because I truly believe that you can achieve anything you set your heart on. I mean, of course if their dream is to become the next American president, that is too far fetched. But if their dream is even remotely possible, please give them your full support!!

I am a mother, I know and understand the need to protect your children from harm and disappointment. However, it is more devastating to have your dreams denied by the people whom you thought love you the most. The very people whom you think will give you the most validation; denied you even that.¬†Instead of telling them how hard or impossible¬†it is to get there so that the disappointment will not be too great if they fail. Why not try to build their resilience in another way. Teach them discipline and determination. There is no need to give them the bad alternative; they will learn that outside. Don’t let them face rejection at home. Home is where they feel safe; not attacked. Build them, not crush them. There is a huge impact in the words we use and the actions we take. Your intention might be good but it may not come across that way.

Trust me, I have seen many great people who could have achieved big things; but unfortunately they never got the support they needed from their parents. As a result, they constantly second guess their capabilities and never achieve their full potential. Don’t do that to your children. All they need from us is for us to believe in their dreams. You now have the power to mold their minds and self-confidence. Don’t underestimate their abilities; instead encourage them to dream even bigger.


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