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Mindfulness and me

on September 28, 2012

I thought that I would write something about what I discovered about myself after 5 days of mindfulness therapy while it is still fresh in my head. Different people have different experiences on this course; for me, it was a discovery I did not expect to find. We spent the 5 days doing various forms of exercises that required us to be mindful. After each exercise, we were encouraged to discuss about our experiences. And one thing that the trainers kept emphasising was to have a curious mind about everything. To be totally honest; they lost me at “to keep….”

I had no idea what they meant but I persisted with the exercises because I wanted to be there and my aim was to keep an open mind. The revelation did not come to me til day 3 (read previous post about habits if you have not already done so) We were also encouraged to continue our meditation practise so that we can continue to improve on it as well as see what else we can discover about ourselves. Then a thought popped into my head: “I’m not gonna continue meditating, because I do not meditate, it’s not me, I just don’t.” As soon as I finish that thought, the next one came along and it was: “Why am I resisting? The old me does not meditate but the new me doesn’t mind doing it” Yes, it is another old habit holding me back but that is not the point here.

The discovery was that I finally understood what my trainer meant by keeping a curious mind! The old me would just have the resisting thought and leave it as that. But now, I no longer do that. I ask myself why do I not want to do that? I am curious about my personal ‘why nots’ Isn’t it amazing??

I urge you to try this, the next time you become aware of yourself resisting something or you hear your own voice saying no to something. Stop for a minute and ask yourself why? It might reveal to you that the reason can be as simple as; you are holding on to past habits that may or may not be applicable anymore. After you come to this realisation, it might open doors to new opportunities and adventures! Imagine that!

It is not easy but it is possible! Learn to listen to yourself; better yet learn the art of questioning your thoughts. Your thoughts does not make you who you are or control what you do. Update them regularly so that they are up to date with the current you. Try it sometime! It can be very liberating!



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