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Love your body

on October 22, 2012

It is common knowledge among my friends that I abuse my body; by that I meant that I feed it rubbish and party hard. I often jokingly say to them: ‘ I pray to God for a new body and I promise that this time I will take better care of it!’

No harm wishing right? But back to reality; it is only human to be unhappy about some aspect of ourselves, especially our physical self. It is tangible and concrete. You cannot pretend it is otherwise because there is simply no way you can lie about something that everyone can see. What I have learnt over the last decade is this: how much you put into the maintenance of your body is how much you are going to get out of it. And it is going to continue to go downhill because we grow older everyday.

I remember complaining how fat I was when I was in my twenties. Years later, I chance upon some photos of myself in my twenties and realised that it wasn’t that bad at all! After that incident, I began to realise that we can complain all we want because we do not have the ideal body that we want, but the fact remains that this body is going to get older. We can slow down the process by taking good care of it but it is still going to happen no matter what.

I have learnt to embrace what I have now. I never appreciated what I had when I was in my twenties; always whingeing about how I am not skinny enough. Man, if only I could have that body back, I would be so grateful…….

What I am trying to say is this: love the body you are in! Treat it well and hopefully you can get a few more good years out of it! No point regretting not taking better care of it. It is better now than never. But most importantly, stop complaining about it and stop wishing you look a certain way. Why not make the best of what you have?

How about this: Let’s try this experiment, go and look for a picture of yourself when you were younger and see if it was as bad as you used to think. I bet you’ll look at it and wonder why you never thought you looked that good. So, if you are unhappy with your current body; project yourself 10 years later. Then you will look back and wonder why didn’t you appreciate what you had 10 years ago! So rather that allowing that to happen; enjoy what you have now!

If you cannot change how you look; you can change your attitude towards your body. You will be surprised how much happier you can be with this new point of view. At least try!



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