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One to one bonding time

on October 23, 2012

I had the pleasure of spending time alone with my younger son today. We are so used to rushing around getting things done that we often forget the important things in life; the people we love and care about. That seemed to happen more often when we have more than one child and they get along with each other. It is just so much easier to let them amuse each other.

The only time that I felt really guilty about not spending time alone with my older son was when my younger boy was born. I was painfully aware that he used to have me all to himself and all of a sudden, he had to share me with his little brother. I remember trying really hard to make time so that we could resume some normality; well, that was until fatigue and lack of sleep got the better of me and survival was of utmost importance.

And as the boys grew older, they really got along with each other despite the 3 years difference; it just seemed to me that they prefer each other’s company and did not seem to mind whether we had alone time or not. In one of previous post (they grow up really fast), I mentioned that I am suddenly aware that my babies are growing up rapidly into big boys! This realisation jerked me into action! I do not have that much time left with them before they spread their wings and leave the nest. If I want to connect and remain connected to my children; I have to start making some serious effort!

What I also noticed was that when the two siblings are together; they are often talking over each other in a hurry to share some piece of information with me. It can be frustrating at times but I see it as good news! Well at least they are still interested to talk to me! I admit that it is much easier to let the 2 brothers amuse each other but after the few outings that I had spent time alone with each of them; I really appreciate the alone bonding time. I often preach about treating children as individuals; then aren’t they worth their own ‘bonding time’ with their parents? Trust me, they really enjoy having your undivided attention. It can be an outing with either both parents or just with mum or dad.

You will be richly rewarded for this gesture because through your actions; it shows that you see them as an individual and takes a personal interest in them.  Imagine how loved they will feel! What a great boost to their self-esteem!

If you haven’t had the time to spend one to one time with your children; try to make time to do so. It might surprise you how good it feels to reach out and feel connected to your children again!



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