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Open to learning

on October 29, 2012

My post today was partly inspired by a news headline that I saw today. I did not read the actual article but seeing that headline reminded me about something I wanted to write about. The abovementioned headline was about a video featuring a doctor’s untimely death; and how his video went viral after his death. My point in all these is this: ‘why is it that we can only stop and listen after something drastic happens?’ I am not sure if many people took the time to hear what this doctor had to say before he died but he sure attracted more followers after his death.

The friends we choose are no different from the mentors we admire. They all have something to teach us; at the very least, we learn from them how to appreciate ourselves better. I have friends from different walks of life as well as from a wide age range. I have always believed that the age of the person has got nothing to do with their perceptions and experiences in life. We are the ones who need to keep an open mind. Some older person might think this:’ What does this 18 year old young punk have to teach me about life? He/she is still a baby and haven’t even really seen what this world is capable of!’ Yes, older people may have more experiences of a certain kind but with that it also dulls the lenses they use to look at life. I have learnt or have been reminded by a younger friend that I think too hard and worry too much. Sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith!

So, don’t have the misconception that only subject experts and older persons have something to teach you. Everyone can be your teacher if you allow them.  More importantly, if what the person says make sense to you; then heed that advice. Don’t think next time or wait for a better opinion; or worse still wait til something bad to happen before you take notice of what they have been trying to tell/teach you.

Take it from me; the best time to listen to an advice is when the person is still in your life, so that you still have the opportunity to further clarify if you need to. So, what you need to do next is easy; just keep an open mind and accept that your teachers in this lifetime is going to come in many forms. Don’t resist them when they have something to impart to you.


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