How do you want to live your life?

Celebrate your loved ones now!

on October 30, 2012

Today’s post is kind of related to the one yesterday. It is human nature to attend to things that require our immediate attention or linked to our survival. This is backed up by the famous Maslow’s theory of needs; where our physiological needs form the base and our need for companionship and love is in the 3rd place. It is no wonder that we will always choose to do overtime versus going home for dinner on time.

I mentioned our instinctual behaviour to create an awareness, and to help you understand why you make certain choices in life. It is, however, not to be used as an excuse for neglecting your family because of work. My intention today is to remind everyone again that we are on borrowed time on earth. We do not know when that time is going to run out; I have seen too much regret already. That is the reason why I keep harping on spending quality time with the people you love, doing the things that you want to…..if you think about my intentions; it is not about others. It is selfish, it is about us. It is about how we want to live this life, and not regret a moment of it! In my own little way, I hope to help you live a life without regrets. It does not have to be done my way, as long as you are happy; that is the ultimate goal!

There are many ways to live hard, so one step at a time. For today, let’s focus on the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Not only is this the most precious and vulnerable gift life can offer us; it is one that once lost ( I am talking about death), it cannot be returned. Other things are material; there is always a way to get around to getting them.

Have you ever noticed how elaborate funerals are? or can be? I am telling you, funerals are more for the living than the dead. It is the living’s way of making themselves feel better because they have not done enough for the deceased while they were alive. ‘It was the least they could do’ – A very common sentiment. But ask yourself this, does the deceased really know???

If not then let’s change things while we still have the time! Celebrate your loved ones now!!! Be joyous! Make sure you celebrate even the smallest success and every milestone! In this way, you would have lived to the fullest while they are still with you! There will always be sadness and disappointments; that is just life. We deal with it when it happens but for now, just be glad that you are still together with your loved ones! Enjoy your time together, create beautiful memories while you can! Don’t allow the restraints of life to tie you down too much, and don’t allow the darkness of life to overcast what could be the sunniest time of your life! What more can you ask for? You still have time to make things right! Isn’t that the best possible outcome?

There’s a saying that goes like this: ‘As long as you are alive; there is always a way to fix things.’ or something to that effect! So, what are you waiting for? Do what you want to do for the people you care about now! One person at a time and a little at a time. Doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, I am sure they will appreciate anything that you do. Do it because you love them and because you want to so that when the time comes to say goodbye; there is no regrets, only wonderful memories.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” – source unknown


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