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State of Mind

on November 3, 2012

My older son asked me a question yesterday which got me thinking. He asked:” What is the perfect state of mind?”

My first answer that came instinctively to me was – calmness. A few moments later, the full impact of the question hit me. I realised that like most people I assumed that the perfect state of mind refers to someone who is calm, collected and unaffected by the chaos around them. I was wrong. Therefore, I amended my response to him. This was my reply:

“The perfect state of mind is one that is contented, grateful, and happy.” I stand by that when any combinations of these 3 conditions are fulfilled; one would have achieved their perfect state of mind. Today’s post is going to be as simple as this; take some time to consider this – “What is your perfect state of mind? And how are you going to achieve it?” Not what someone else thinks is the right way, but what is uniquely yours.


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