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Thoughts and Actions

on November 9, 2012

I was reminded once again by a very close friend that there is a very intimate relationship between thoughts and actions. In her very own words:

“Think about who you want to be, then do what you need to do to get there.” – Audrey Teo

Very often we go about our daily routines because there are chores that needed to be done; thus we do not put much thought into what we have to do. What she is referring to here is something different. We all have goals and hopes that we dream of. A lot of the time, we think that we have put enough thoughts into it. Afterall, we did plan on how to reach that goal eventually.

But this exercise is different. And I found it especially useful when I feel bogged down by the things that I had to get done. What I would like you to do is this: Think about what you want to be, and how badly you want to get there. Then ask yourself if whatever you are doing is getting you there. This exercise serves 2 purposes: (1) It can help to create clarity as to whether you are actually doing the right thing. (2) It helps to renew your motivation after you review your actions and see that you are indeed on the right path to your grand prize. We are humans; we get sidetracked. Very normal.

Life can drain and tire us out. Most of the time, we know innately that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing but never really took the time to actively review our plans. We act on auto-pilot and rely heavily on our instincts which have served us well so far. Or we unconsciously refused to review our plans because we don’t really want to know how far more we have to plow on. If we just keep going, going….. surely we will get there….

However, there are days when we are tired or face certain setbacks; could be so minor but because we lost clarity on our direction and process; we might risk getting derailed and unmotivated. This can also happen when we have to do things that we dislike but it is a necessary step to get us closer to our goal. Knowing that it is part of the process and being very clear about it can make the whole journey so much easier.

Take the example of my boys; they hate doing assessment books and practise papers but they know that if they want to get the desired results which will lead to their grand prize, they were willing to do it. It was just a means to an end. The aim is to know that; here is where many people give up and fail. Perhaps this example is better for readers without children; you hate your current job. But you need the money so that you can start your own business. So, going to work and saving the money will eventually enable your dream of having your own business!

Am I getting the message across to you?? If so then, pause here before you go about doing the next thing on your list. Have a think about some of the things you detest doing; then think about the final outcome. Key point: Keep your eye on the prize! It will all be worth it in the end!

If I confused you today by making the message too complicated, then maybe this simpler message might work better:

“Keep your eyes open and your feet moving forward. You’ll find what you need.” _ Author unknown


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