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Self esteem issues?

on November 22, 2012

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a good friend a week ago. We were having a discussion about people who turn to plastic surgery to improve how they look so that they can feel better about themselves. The question that was raised was this: does this mean that people who undergo plastic surgery have low self-esteem issues? What about the rest of us? Does that naturally imply that we do not have any self-esteem issues?

My humble opinion of this is; we all have self-esteem issues! Why are we kidding ourselves? If we don’t, then why are we going on diets to lose weight? Going for facials to improve our appearances? As long as we are doing something to improve how we look or how we present ourselves, there is a self-esteem issue. If you are truly happy with how you look and who you are; then you will not find the need to engage in such activities. And I emphasis that the actions taken need not be related to one’s physical appearance. It can even be the way you speak or ‘sell’ yourself’.

And another thing to face up to is this: how many people have the courage to undergo surgery to change how they look. Not only is there a risk of something going wrong, there is the stigma you need to face. Although plastic surgery is more common in today’s society; it is still frowned upon. I personally do not see an issue with it. My favourite response is this: people renovate and upgrade their houses and gadgets all the time; then why is it so wrong to upgrade or renovate ourselves?

If you have not already noticed, there is a common theme in my posts. I advocate very strongly for personal fulfilment and happiness. So, if getting your nose fixed will make you happy, then do it! I personally have not had any plastic surgery only because of the costs involved and I was too chicken to go under the knife. But if you have the means and guts; be my guest!

I need to clarify one thing as well; I am not claiming that getting plastic surgery is going to fix all your problems. If there are underlying mental or emotional issues, please do seek professional help. Changing how we look should enhance how we feel about ourselves. But if that doesn’t fix it; then you know something is wrong and should seek alternatives to rectify the issue.

Of course, life is not that simple. But it is our own responsibility to make it work for us. My challenge for you today is this: have a think about whether you are for or against plastic surgery and the reasons why? Do you think that only people with self-esteem issues undergo plastic surgery? Reflect on what you have done to try to improve on your own appearance; then be honest with yourself about who you think have self-esteem issues. My answer to all these questions is simple: we all have self-esteem issues, the severity of it varies. There are many ways of improving one’s self-esteem. Some people exercise to lose weight; others collect degrees; and there are those who have the money to have plastic surgery. Can you see what I am getting at? Before you discuss about others too freely; think first. You will realise that more often than not we do behave similarly. Sometimes it is not obvious, that is why we are not aware of it. But fundamentally we are not so different from one another. A little bit of self-awareness will lent itself to kindness towards others. Everyone is just trying to make the best of their own situation; every effort should be applauded and not spat on.





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