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How to deal with people who behave rudely

on December 1, 2012

I learnt a very important lesson today in my yoga class, I had an ephany about how to deal with people who are badly behaved. Sparing you the mundane details; all I have to say is this: it is natural for some of us to get really upset about people who are rude and have no regard for others. Our natural instinct is to want to stand up against them and give them a good piece of our mind.

But if we hold back our instinctual urge to do that, it will allow us to see that by not reacting in a simliar, petty manner, we are able to trancend that behaviour and stop it in its track. Yes, I learnt today that sometimes, exhibitions of such behaviour is merely a demand for attention. By not paying attention to it; it just withers and dies.

Their intention is to get a reaction from the people around them, be it good attention or bad reaction. It is sad, really, when one has to stoop to that level to get a teeny bit of attention. And most of the time, bad attention.

I have a very strong sense of justice that does not always serve me well. Yes, that makes me a huge busy-body. I get upset when someone else gets treated badly and I have the tendency to want to fight their fight. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I learnt that most people are capable of fighting their own battles, and I leave them to it. Of course there are still occassions when I stand up for those who are unable to face the battle on their own.

So, today I am sharing with you how I dealt with someone whose behaviour left a yucky taste in my mouth. I did not allow her bad behaviour to ruin my yoga practise and it felt good. This is one of those rare occassions where I learnt that less is more. I dare guess that she felt foolish for all the racket that she created. I was also very pround of myself for not lowering myself to her level. There are some fights that require our assistance, and there are those that will die an embarrassed death on its own. The wisdom here is to know which one is it and to find the inner strength to do the right thing.

Have a beautiful weekend!


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