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Be yourself, be happy!

on December 4, 2012

I was catching up with a good friend yesterday, and something she said struck a chord and I wanted to dedicate some time to emphasising how important this mindset is.

”Be Happy. Be Yourself. If others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.” 

I understand and appreciate how hard it is to do what you just read. I know that life is not that simple. There are so many things that we need to consider; social norms, social expectations…. I am not asking you to embrace this blindly without taking some time to consider whether it will serve you or not. You can begin with the people you have been trying so hard to impress but impossible to do so. Did it make you happy? All that trying but to no avail?

How about those moments when you have had enough of trying to please everyone and decided that you are better than this. Those will be instances where you chose you over the need to conform to social norms. Bottomline is this: it is all about conformity as well as our personal perception about what acceptance is. You know what? People who love you will continue to love you anyway. And the ones who don’t, well they won’t no matter how hard you try (After a while, that is). There is a need for me to clarify this: I am not saying, be rude and arrogant, if people do not fawn over you, they are not your friends. Absolutely not! I am merely saying this: put in your due efforts with people but never at the cost of your happiness.

Everything in life requires a solid foundation. To live a happy life, one must be able to choose their own happiness and maintaining their integrity first. The decisions that come after these foundations have been set will then make your life more fulfilling.

I must concur that it is not at all easy to be who you want to be. It takes time and  a lot of practise as well as a true desire to want to be happy. Again this does not mean that you become a recluse because you misunderstand my message and decide that no one is worthy of your time and effort. The point of this post is to encourage you to start to learn to have more balance in life as well as to have the courage to choose to love yourself despite what the rest of the world says to you. Trust me, it is not going to be easy, but I can also promise you that it will be worth the effort. There is immense satisfaction in the end, but you need to be strong and stand tall. Don’t falter in the face of doubt; know that expecting oneself to be well liked by everyone is the same as expecting everyone to like everything that you do (yes, sounds ridiculous, right?).

So, instead of trying to win everyone over, start with trying to win yourself over! You really need to just trust me in this one. This is a liberating and life changing process, different people require different amounts of time to get there. The important thing is not to abandon the plan, stick to it and you will reap great rewards!

Wait no longer! Start today!! Right now!


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