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About wisdom and ego

on December 18, 2012

There are many differences between human beings and animals but one characteristic stands out for me: the ability to think and make decisions. The past weeks have provided me with ample opportunities to learn many life’s lessons, I hope that you will be patient with me as I attempt to convey to you the message that I feel so strongly about.

I refer back to one of my previous posts on ‘learning life’s lessons’, if you have not read it yet, essentially I just wanted to say that you should try to stand up for your believes no matter how the rest of the world sees you. I am not about to continue to ramble on and on about it again; instead I want to say what I have learnt from it.

Stay with me on this one; I was in New York city when the Connecticut shooting happened. I was there to witness the pain and devastation the parents felt and even as I am writing this post, i can feel the tears threatening to fall. It was heartbreaking and I learn all over again to be grateful that all of my family is healthy and safe. Here is where I am going to attempt to connect my experience with my post about standing one’s ground.

After watching the news about the shooting, I thought to myself, geez …why am I being petty about small things that are happening around me? Things could be so much worse! At that moment, I decided to make peace with whatever demons and pettiness in my life. Yes, at times I might feel that things are not ideal but it is! We are so discontented with life until life takes something we love but take for granted away! I vowed not to let it happen.

That was part one of my learning, so you ask me, hmmm, what is the connection between that and wisdom? For those of you who not aware, it was my birthday yesterday, and I learnt about what one needs to possess in order to truly embrace wisdom. I learnt that wisdom has pre-requisites; it needs compassion, gratitude and humility. It would be wrong to assume that wisdom comes with age because it most definitely does not!

If I have not lost you already, I shall try harder as I continue on (just kidding!); the connection between the previous post and wisdom is this: yes, stand your ground for what you believe in but at the same time have the humility to overlook interpersonal differences because it is more important to be grateful for what life has already given you. I was saddened by what happened in Connecticut but that was a cruel act beyond by our control. I was disappointed by the lack of gratitude, humility and compassion by supposedly wise people who I know. The inability to set aside one’s ego and be grateful is often the reason why people are unhappy with their lives and continue to exist that way.

What I am saying here is this, by all means stand your ground because that defines who you are but at the same time, allow gratitude, compassion and humility to guide your actions too. Know that the people who love and cares about you do not always have to share your thoughts and beliefs and that is okay because it differentiates us. But continue to be grateful for having them in your life. Having an ego is human but allowing it to rule your life is a sure way to an unhappy life. It clouds your judgement and most importantly, it cannot co-exist with humility, compassion and gratitude. See the connection now?

Wisdom is not allowing ego to fuel your decisions, cloud your judgments and guide your actions.  Open your heart to the wonders in your life, enjoy what you have right now; may not seem perfect but be grateful because it can be far worse. I apologize if I failed to convey this message to you. Maybe, reread it again and see what happens. I hope that you are able to see as clearly as I did that although we cannot control many things in our lives; but we can most definitely choose our thoughts and actions. I urge you to minimize the use of your ego, instead choose gratitude, compassion and humility. Try it! Give yourself the best Christmas present this year! The gift of loving the life you are living now!

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