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Quick tip to happiness

on January 4, 2013

I was watching the comedy channel the other night, this line was the punch line because the crude honesty of it was so true and simple that it was hilarious that most people don’t get it! Here goes:

‘The fastest and quickest way to be happy is to lower your expectation!’

Now, how true is that?? Innately, we all know this to be true but how many of us are able to apply it to ourselves. Let’s try out this exercise together: Think back to a time when you were full of hope and excitement that your loved one (be it a parent, friend or spouse) or rather you were ‘expecting’ them to spring a wonderful surprise on you…..and it didn’t happen. How did you feel? Disappointed, taken for granted, unloved…etc?

Now, think back again to another time when someone does something nice for you out of the blue, and it does not even need to be a grand gesture. Could be as simple as coming up to you and giving you a hug and tell you how much you have been missed. How did you feel then? All warm and fuzzy right?

There you go, the more we think we need, the higher our expectations; and when that expectation is not met at the 100% mark, we feel disappointed, really disappointed. On the other hand, when we receive at the least expected moment, the emotions surrounding it all changes. It may even be that we are given the same thing but our attitude and expectations towards it changes our experience of receiving.

Again, I would like to warn you that it is not an easy task to reduce your expectations but I strongly feel that it is definitely worth the effort. We are mere humans and to err is human. We are not perfect, therefore we cannot expect others to be as well. There is a fine line between having no expectations and reducing your expectations. Having no expectations means that you do not think that you are worthy of any effort and you are happy to accept leftovers. Lowering your expectations means that you are well aware of your self-worth, you have an expectation of how you should be treated by others but you also take into consideration that all human beings have their limitations. If they fall short of what you expect from them, it is not because you are not worth it but they are not mind readers and as long as they have put in their due efforts, then it has met acceptable standards.

I hope that I have given you another good tip to start the new year! Just try, alright?

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