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Choose to be happy – Happiness project

on October 21, 2013

Yesterday I posted on my facebook page that I will be embarking on a happiness project which is what I will be starting today. Reason? Simply because happiness like many things in life are within our control. Yes, what I am saying is to be happy, all you have to do is to choose to be. That is not to say that one is rid of unhappiness forever. It means that we choose to be more mindful of the good things in our lives and take more active steps to do that things that we want to. Be it doing something nice for someone or to stand up for what you believe in.

Whatever decisions you make, it should be one that you want to or at least willing to make. So this is how I am going to do this. We tend to take things for granted, what I am going to do is start posting things that makes me happy. Gratefulness is the key to the door to happiness. Please feel free to share what made your day as well!!

My motto in life is this: “We are not here for a long time, so why not have a great time!”

Okay, just to add in some housekeeping details. I usually post directly on this blogsite when I have something to say but as this is a very spontaneous type of project. I much prefer to be able to post whatever I want when things happen. You can like my page on facebook (Look for how do you want to live your life), that way you can follow me whenever I post anything. Alternatively, if you are on instagram, search for #ichoosehappy, it should be what I posted.

Let the party begin!

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