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Treating our bodies with respect and mindfulness

on July 25, 2014

I read this post on my facebook page yesterday and woke up this morning with a renew sense of awareness and respect for my body. I hope that I am able to reach out to more people and help you see yourself in a new light like the way I did. This was what I read:

My dear, dedicated body,

From this moment forward, I vow to feed you with clean food and positive thoughts. I will water you religiously. I’ll seek nourishment for your physical form, but also for the spirit you so tirelessly protect. I will strive to understand you, in all your delicate complexities, so that I may serve you into our old age.

From this moment on, I will hold in my heart that you are doing your best for me, and I will not expect more. From this moment on, we are a team and I will repay your best with my best; and we will be brave together.

With deepest gratitude,

Now, all I ask is that you spend a few moments thinking about what I am about to say. How many of us take our bodies for granted? Choosing to satisfy the few inches in our mouth instead of taking care of the overall body? We eat whatever we feel like and overeat on occasions just because we can, and we wonder why our bodies refuse to cooperate sometimes.
I have never looked at my body in this way. I take it for granted, often abusing it with too much yummy but unnecessary food, or worse still drinking too much alcohol. I was actually ashamed when I read this. I stepped out of my body for the briefest moment and looked at it as a separate entity. In all honesty, I don’t think I would even treat the person I dislike most so shabbily.
Another inspiration I received in tandem to this letter was the travel photos that was posted on facebook daily. These photos featured a loving couple, retired and having a great time travelling in Japan. I met Raymond in Singapore when I first moved back there and fell in love with the way he taught children how to swim. Subsequently, we engaged him to teach our boys how to swim. I suppose you could say that he is athletic his whole life but I have read of athletes who do not keep up on their physical exercise after they reach a certain age. I am proud to say that both Raymond and his wife, Sally maintains a very active lifestyle which enables them to travel around Japan with such ease. Think about it. You have spent more than half of your life in the rat race, and raising children. You have finally reached your golden years where you can do whatever you want to without concerns and with the money you have saved! Wouldn’t it be nice if your body would allow you to still do whatever you wished?
I hope that this post will find its way to your heart and open your eyes to see the special relationship you have with your body. You and you alone have the power to determine the quality of life you can have in the years to come. You don’t have to get out there and do a 10km run. Start small, every little bit counts. Start with something you enjoy doing; or if exercise is just not for you, start with walking a little bit more to the shops? Or even power walking whilst you are window shopping at the local mall. Just promise me you will have a think about this.
‘Be kind to your body, treat it like you would your best friend and it will reward you with many more years of quality living’ – Karen Foote
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