How do you want to live your life?

Can you handle what you really want?

on October 7, 2014

This post was inspired by a movie I watched yesterday called ‘Transcendence’ by Johnny Depp. Very interesting concept of creating an ultimate form of Artificial Intelligence that is capable of feeling emotions and making independent decisions. To simplify the plot of the movie, Johnny Depp played the role of¬†a scientist who was on the verge of such an invention but unfortunately was assassinated. His wife who was also a scientist managed to transfer his ‘consciousness’ into the hard drive of his invention and brought him back to life – online.

The aim of this post is not to discuss whether such an invention is possible. It is the contradictory behaviour of human beings that I would like to point out. How many times have we heard of inventors and scientists, even beauty queens emphasis the importance of finding a cure for cancer? Looking for means of saving our planet? Ah, on the movie set, all these can happen and it did! But it also revealed the distrusting and ungrateful nature of the human race. He found the solutions to solve all of the world’s problems and that earned him the title of trying to play God which was why he got assassinated in the first place.

Today, I hope that whoever took the time to read this post also take a few minutes to consider what is it you really want in life? Will you be happy just to accept when it is given to you? If you are religious, then have faith that all these are part of the master plan. No one is trying to play God because if God does not want it to happen, then it would not. Is this not called having faith? But if you are not religious, just be happy that you got what you ask for.

We often moan and groan about not getting what we want, but when the opportunity presents itself, how many of us are courageous enough to reach out and grab it? And after you hold it tight in your hands, be grateful; don’t allow that annoying negative¬†voice in your head spoilt it for you. That is the culprit, the insecurity in all of us that rob us of our ability to be happy. The need to question everything instead of accepting and enjoying the gift graciously.

That said, the next time the guy you have been eyeing asks you out for coffee, don’t allow the voice to tell you it is because you are the easy choice. It is simply because he likes you and wants to know you better. When your boss gives you the promotion, it is because you are deserving of it, not because you are the only obvious choice left. He can always give the job to an external applicant. Finally, the next time, when someone finally finds a cure for cancer, let’s not question why and how he did it. Let’s just be glad that more lives can be saved. Let’s choose to be happy!

‘Miserable people focus on the things they hate about their lives. Happy people focus on the things they love about their lives.





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