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Is technology really bringing people together?

on March 12, 2015

In one of the chapters in my book, The Parenting Trap, I mentioned that it is unhealthy for children to be on their electronic devices all the time. It is much better for them to be out socialising with other children or even to get a bit of fresh air and sunshine. I have been searching for more evidence to support my belief and I am glad to have found it!

In my recent study in Positive Psychology, I am glad to share with you that there are scientific evidence to support my claim. Research has shown that the less we use our social skills, the more we lose the ability to use them. Social connectivity is like our muscles, the less we use it, the more we lose it.

This is great news for people like me who loves company, good company of course. The more positive social connections we have with others, the more health benefits we reap. Extensive research in the field of Positive Psychology have strongly suggested that cultivating these positive connections is as powerful as starting a new health behaviour, such as quit smoking, healthy eating plans..etc. Isn’t this so exciting to know that we can all get healthier simply by staying connected with good friends and catching up for that coffee more frequently?

This also allows us to appreciate why solitary confinement has been used for as long as we know to punish prison inmates. It is one of the cruellest form of punishment to enforce onto anyone. If it can improve our health so much that it can be scientifically significant; then one only needs to imagine what will happen in the absence of human contact.

So, after all that, you ask me, what if my friends are busy or for that matter I am too busy to catch up on a regular basis, does that mean my health is going to suffer? Absolutely not! Lucky for us, Positive Social connections is not exclusive to interactions with people we already know. A simple hello and exchange of pleasantry with you local baker may be all you need to sustain you for longer than you know. So, it DOES NOT need to be someone you know. As long as the exchange is genuine and the experience is a positive one, it will work to elevate your wellbeing.

I can go on and on and run the risk of confusing you with too much technicalities and jargon. If you are interested to know more, please go to the link provided here.

All you need to remember is that you can influence your health by increasing positive connections with others. So, look up from your mobile devices the next time you are out, and take some time to connect with your fellow humans.



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