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Regroup tour 2016 – Serendipity

on May 30, 2016

It is no secret that I have been having a long bout of writer’s block after we relocated back to Australia. I always thought that if I took the time to return back to my home country Singapore, my answers will be there waiting for me. As fate would have it, the answers I got given are totally unexpected. But it met the final outcome I was seeking so here I am; raring to go again!!


So much has happened in the last few months, I got reminded again through the passing of my mother in law that this life we complain so much about and this body that we constantly abuse is never truly ours to keep. Everything is on loan. Once we truly embrace this, then we are free to explore who we want to become and live a life free of regrets. Not everyone wants to achieve greatness, some simply want to live a life of their choice. But I urge you to choose honestly. Be brave and unafraid, as a society we are too afraid of what others think of us. We think they care, but they don’t! Today’s news will become tomorrow’s bin liner. Stop living the life you think is expected of you! Live in such a manner that in your final moments, you can answer to yourself and be at peace with your decisions in life.


So, after settling my household, I set off to go back to where I used to live to ‘find myself’, thus naming the trip my regroup tour 2016. I was hoping to find the fire that used to burn in me, driving me to achieve my goals. Or rather I lost sight of what I wanted to do, so I sent out the search party. Ironically I lost things instead of finding, and it made me realised what my life goal should be (more on this in later posts).


To help you understand this gibberish a little better, here are some trip details. I was to meet with 2 friends in Singapore and the purpose was to spend some quality time with one of them who is terminally ill. In a nutshell, the intended outcome took on a different turn. The 2 of us now no longer talk to the friend we went to see. To many it is really sad, but like I said, life is short and one of the most important essence of a friendship is that nobody takes anybody for granted. We tried to turn things around but it takes 2 hands to clap. Do I still feel bad that things went askew? Not really, it doesn’t matter how long you live, it is how you live it. I am a strong believer of doing all there is in one’s power and leave the rest up to higher powers. I have done my part so no regrets.


I have learnt so much during these 14 days on my own, I cannot wait to share it all with you. I will trickle information through slowly, giving you time to digest and reflect; if need be, apply to your own lives.


So is there someone in your life that is constantly taking you for granted? Pluck up the courage to tell them. Many of us do that unconsciously. Telling them gives them a chance to fix things. I was reminded by a good friend many years ago. A good tight slap on my conscience’s cheek and from then on, I am much more conscientious about this. It is not a nice feeling to be taken for granted. So don’t accept it. There are friends who are more deserving of you. In the first place, if they won’t and don’t treasure, they do not deserve your affection.


there is a purpose

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